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May 2, 2023How to Bring More Natural Light Into Your Living Room

Light is a very useful aspect of interior design. It makes the room look bigger and brighter and really lets the features stand out. But, depending on where you are and a variety of factors, Including what direction your home faces and what’s built around it, natural light can be in short supply. Take a […]

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July 26, 2022How to redecorate your living room

The living room is the centrepiece of most homes. This is where your family can come together and relax after a long day. It should be a welcoming and comforting place. Naturally, redecorating it can be plenty of fun, while also giving your whole home a lift. But how to redecorate your living room? Read […]

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July 8, 202210 Types of Sofa Sets that Sync with Any Living Room Decor

At A Tidy Mind we’re passionate about home style and interiors. We love helping our clients find pieces of furniture that are both functional and joyful. The first and the hardest step in purchasing a sofa set in the UK is determining which type is appropriate for your room and lifestyle. There are many different […]

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January 9, 2021Drained by your drab living room? Try spicing it up

Perhaps when you first decorated your living room, you were happy with it. But as time passed, it may have become less interesting to you. Maybe you’ve even started finding it oppressively dull. And before long, you have a drab living room which could do with some TLC. This post brings a message of hope […]

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August 19, 2020How to Create a Living Area That Will Stand the Test of Time

Trends come and go, and unless you have the money – and the time – to continually update your living area, it may be best to opt for a timeless design.  As the name suggests, timeless designs make use of classic elements and colours that will stand the test of time and look good no […]

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